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The Community Table

Ward Sewell hosts with guest speaker Paige Christie, Executive Director of the Community Table. Ward and Paige discuss what the purpose of the Community Table in Sylva, NC is and how it is being affected by COVID-19.

Jackson County Center for Domestic Peace

This episode focuses on how domestic violence effects the area of Jackson County and how the Center for Domestic Peace helps. Robert Ledford hosts with guest speaker Wesley Myers, Executive Director of Jackson County Center for Domestic Peace.

COVID-19 in Jackson County

This episode focuses on COVID-19 in Jackson County, North Carolina and how residence can receive vaccines. Kilikena Jordan hosts with guest speaker Melissa McKnight, Deputy Health Director of the Jackson County Department of Public Health. *Note - This program is about COVID-19. Local and national conditions are subject to change.

REACH of Macon County

Kendall Harris hosts with guest speaker Jennifer Turner-Lynn, Assistant Director of REACH of Macon County. Turner-Lynn provides information on the services REACH offers as well as what they do for the WNC community. Domestic violence is something everyone needs to be aware of and understand.

Muddy Sneakers

Gibby McIntire hosts with guest speaker Nikki Jones, WNC Program Director of Muddy Sneakers. Jones gives information on Muddy Sneakers and how it can have a positive impact on a child and their education.

Trout Unlimited

Connor Knox hosts with guest Jeff Wright, Southeast Project Coordinator of Trout Unlimited. Wright speaks about fishing in western North Carolina and the efforts that Trout Unlimited is taking to conserve our waters.

WCU Green Zone Training

Steven Gary hosts with guest speaker Briana Ford, WCU's Director of Military Student Services. Ford speaks about how this program helps students, staff, and faculty at the university understand our student veterans.

Nantahala Health Foundation

Bryson Rodier hosts with guest speaker, Lori Ann Bailey, Executive Director of the Nantahala Health Foundation.

Muddy Sneakers Public Affairs Program

Host Gibby McIntire is talking with Nikki Jones, WNC Program Director on how Muddy Sneakers can have a positive impact on a child and their education.

Spring 2021 with Dr. Burton

Dr. Burton talks about the complexities of bringing students back to campus, as University classes remain online until February 15. Dr. Burton highlights the diligent work of faculty and staff on campus and talks about how Western is waiting on vaccines and approval to be a community vaccine hub for our community.

REACH of Macon County

Jennifer has worked with REACH for over ten years and highlights the growing need for services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. REACH of Macon serves Jackson County in conjunction with the Center for Domestic Peace and provides a range of services from a housing shelter, to rape crisis companions.

Full Spectrum Farms

Erin Mcmanus, Farm Director, talks about the services FSF provides to individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even with COVID-19, FSF invites folks of all ages to their programs free of charge. Running on people power and community support, full spectrum farms now serves people all around the country.

Jackson County Schools January Update

Jacob Buchanan, Assistant Superintendent, updates the community on how public schools are keeping students safe. Jackson County is a 1:1 district, meaning each student has a device to reach the internet. Buchanan calls their teachers rockstars and superheroes, and highlights the tremendous efforts to keep transmission minimal.

Advocates for Animals, with Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas, Director and Founder of A4A, talks about the spike in need for pet assistance in 2020. Thomas advises that pets are both an emotional and financial responsibility- however there is assistance when pet owners need it!

A deeper insight into Thanksgiving, with Dr. Denson

Dr. Andrew Denson is a professor of U.S. and Native American history at Western Carolina University. Dr. Denson discusses the validity of the contemporary idea of thanksgiving and offers insight into being a more socially aware member of society.

Women's 100 (years of voting!)

The Director of Mountain Heritage Center, Pam Meister, talks about the significance of the history of women's voting rights. She is joined by undergraduate students Sara Stanley and Autumn Chandler, who emphasize the importance of the intergenerational teamwork of women.

2020 Election Follow Up

Before the election, Dr. Cooper covered why voting is important and how this election will make history, this time he rejoins WWCU to talk about what happened. This election season was tighter than most, however the themes we are seeing have repeated before as Dr. Cooper explains.

Department on Aging with Eddie Wells

Executive Director Eddie Wells talks about the multitude of programs offered to the aging population of Jackson County.

WCU Police Department

In this 2020 public affairs program, Sgt. Brittany Thompson highlights the importance of community-based policing, which advocates for victims. Thompson further describes the day to day of her job, how policing is changing, and how this year in particular has affected policing.

VOTE! With Dr. Lane Perry & students

In this Public Affairs Program, Dr. Perry is joined by two members of the student democracy coalition. The three of them talk about the importance of voting, the on campus polling places, and upcoming fall 2020 events.

Leaf Prediction with Beverly Collins

Biology professor Beverly Collins shares her prediction for the fall color change. Originally aired September 2021.

Student Affairs for Fall 2020

Sam Miller describes what changes will be seen on campus, what classroom safety measures can be expected and where to get University updates. Some people know him as the break up guy, find out why!

Health Services at Western Carolina University

Pam Buchanan talks about how the Bird building will look different this year, but still provide the same expert care to students and staff of WCU.

Voting, with Dr. Chris Cooper

In this interview Dr. Cooper explains why every vote counts and how important local elections are.

Campus Updates with Chancellor Brown

University life is taking a new shape in light of Corona Virus. Dr. Brown details how campus is coping with Covid and keeping up with changes.

Homebase with Dr. Jim Dean

Homebase is the only functioning student support system of its kind within the UNC system. Even with COVID-19, Homebase is open for students to access their computer lab, food pantry, and laundry room. Dean talks about the importance of Homebase on this campus, and the importance of student support everywhere.

Jackson County Health Department

McKnight talks about how their office is working to keep people safe, reduce in house numbers and continue providing health care. They are still open by appointment for all usual services, and McKnight outlines them as well as provides contact information for the department. Corona Virus has changed the way people look at health care, and virtual appointments allow people all over to still be served.

Vecinos with Jose Ruano

Vecinos translates to neighbor and is an organization focused on getting medical help to farm workers in Western North Carolina. In light of the epidemic, it is important to highlight the essential workers that provide food and how they can best be served in times of need- despite language barriers. Vecinos provides many services including medical translators, food drives and clothing distribution.

Community Table: Holiday Updates

The community table provides holiday meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas day 11am to 1pm.

Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel began at Western Illinois University and branched out into many public Universities to spread awareness about oppression in the united states and abroad. TOO will take place here at WCU November 13 and 14 and is completely designed, scripted and acted out by Western students.